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Easy Eggnog (non-alcoholic) … and A Few Words About Eggs

By admin | December 31, 2007

This eggnog is so easy my two-year-old made it (with some help from Mommy, of course). Now it’s one of his favorite things to make, and we’ll probably be drinking eggnog well into the spring (Oy!). It isn’t the uber sweet super goopy stuff from the supermarket, instead it has a thinner viscosity and tastes [...]

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Looming Legislature Threatens Small Growers of Leafy Greens

By admin | December 6, 2007

Tis the season for winter greens and if you love your braising greens, organic kale or Georgia grown collards then I implore you, especially those of you who support local growers in whatever state you reside, and those who subscribe to CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) from those local farms, to read the articles listed here, [...]

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