Fajita Night

By admin | September 20, 2009

When grilling, you ever notice that once the coals are “just right” you’ve cooked your steak or whathaveyou? Well we’ve remedied this by cooking any and everything that ever had a face when we light the grill, and it will result in some point in Fajita Night, either because of the plethora of fresh meat hot off the grill, or the tsunami of leftover meat in the subsequent nights.

There are two things that make Fajita Night the best night of the week: 1) marinated meat, 2) fresh condiments.

In this house we’re BIG on marinating meat cuz let’s face it, chicken tastes like chicken I don’t care how you cook it. So if you want to impart flavor and make THIS chicken taste different from the LAST chicken then you gotta mix up a flavor profile using herbs, spice and whatnot. I’m also big on the Three Ingredient Rule when it comes to marinades b/c much more than that, the flavors get muddled.

Fresh condiments are vital b/c they bring those top notes to the table, fresh cilantro and onions and lime, salsa fresca, queso fresco, whatever it is you like, it needn’t be overly processed, or processed at all. When the meat hits the grill, I start slicing onions and tomatoes, melting cheese and picking cilantro, and by the time the carne is finito the side fixin’s are done and we can sit and grub.

So here’s the meat and marinades from last night’s Fajita Night:
Pork Chops with ginger, nutmeg, clove and soy sauce
Prk chops w ginger nutmeg clove & soy sc

Split hens with cumin, garlic and lime zest
Split hens w cumin garlic & lime zest

Ribeye with oregano, garlic and black pepper
Ribeye marinating w oregano & garlic

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