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Fish Stew

By admin | April 8, 2010

Simple, spicy, satisfying. That’s how I’d describe this easy, low fat stew. I made a big batch and had it for lunch several times last week, and now that it’s gone … well I kinda miss it. The green olives provide a nice tangy element of surprise and the smoked paprika lend some subtle heat. [...]

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Chilled Strawberry Soup with Balsamic Grilled Strawberries

By admin | April 3, 2010

Now that spring has sprung, gorgeous, delicious, fresh and CHEAP strawberries are plentiful. Here’s an easy way to make good use of them. Super easy to put together, this chilled soup makes for a great brunch item, or a dessert, or a nice starter to a long meal. This makes a good amount, so unless [...]

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