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Save on Organic Produce: The Clean Fifteen

By admin | January 31, 2011

I hear it all the time: “I want to eat organic, but it’s expensive!” These days it almost feels like our food is working against us, and if you want to eat better on a budget (and who doesn’t?) then you may have already encountered the Dirty Dozen: twelve foods to buy organic, even if the rest of your produce is conventionally grown.

To further the “organic on a budget” conversation, The Daily Green posted the “Clean Fifteen: Foods You Don’t Have to Buy Organic” recently.

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The Happy Meals Crime: Kids and Marketing

By admin | January 29, 2011

“So, if advertising to young children is inherently deceptive, and deceptive advertising is illegal under federal law and in most states, how is it even happening? And doesn’t this mean that not just food, but all marketing to young children is currently illegal? I get this question a lot. The answer is yes.”

““Just because it’s possible for a parent to intervene doesn’t change the fact that what McDonald’s is doing is illegal.” In other words, there are often many ways that parents can act to protect their children but that doesn’t make it OK for others to break the law.”

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Rate my food: Fooducates iphone app

By admin | January 27, 2011

I DO have TONS of students who want to know “How do I make good choices at the supermarket?” I always suggest reading labels, doing research, eating minimally processed foods, shop the perimeter and other really useful tips. But as a busy momtrepreneur I TOTALLY understand the utter madness that ensues when shopping for dinner at 5:30pm with two hungry, tired kidlets in tow. Read labels? REALLY?

So this app might just swoop in and save the day…

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Winter Greens

By admin | January 18, 2011

Collards, turnips, kale, Swiss chard … winter greens are some of my favorite vegetables and they are loaded with nutrients like iron, calcium and antioxidants.

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