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By admin | February 3, 2011

gobble gobbleGrill Master. Pitt Boss.  BBQ King.  You may call him many things, but I call him “mine.”  In seven years my Mister has yet to hand me a poorly cooked steak.  I’ve thrown turkeys, lamb, chickens and even ducks into his consideration and he’s served up perfectly cook cuts of meat every single time.  It’s so good that when we tell the kids we’re going to barbeque they get excited — like going to Chuck E Cheese excited.  And the funny part is, he’s just about a vegetarian.  That’s right, this master of the hot coals and soaked wood chips rarely eats meat.  So the situation is this: I keep feeding him an endless stream of creative and delicious vegetarian meals and he keeps handing me over tender, juicy, succulent meat often cooked to a perfect medium rare.  Did I luck up, or what?

Just in case you don’t have a tall, hunky, intelligent, funny and talented Grill Master of your own, you can still enjoy the thrill of the grill.  The BBQ Brothers, founders of Winston’s Best and makers of Kickin’ Sass sauce and Rowdy Rubb, will teach a hands-on Grill Class Saturday Feb. 5, 2pm, at The Cooking School at Irwin Street.

The timing couldn’t be better.  The “Big Game” is the next day, so here’s your chance to polish up on your grill skills and slay ‘em during your football party!  As for me and mine, we’re tackling Super Nachos, garnished with marinated flank steak and smoked chorizo.  I’m sure some other cuts from creatures that had mamas and faces will make their way onto the grill as well.

Happy grilling, y’all.  And enjoy the game.  Oh, and Happy Anniversary Babe.

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