The Snack Battle Begins

By admin | August 29, 2011

Summer is over, so it’s time for the kickoff of Kidlet Vs Mom in the School Snack Battles …

Week 1 of school: Kidlet wants to bring lunch to school b/c it’s healthier and “School lunch is nasty.”

Week 2 of school: Kidlet gets teased for his tortellini w/ meatballs. “The other kids said ‘Ew’,” and asks for a “normal” lunch.

Week 3 of school: we actually went on vacation but promised to eat only “real food” the entire trip.

Week 4 of school: Kidlet reminds me to pack a snack in his lunchbag for snacktime. I think of the uneaten apple sauce, Goldfish pretzles, 2% milk cheese sticks, peanutbutter granola bar, and Go-gurt that have returned home and ask, “What do you consider a snack if not this stuff?”  His answer: Gummy Worms and Fruit Gushers.

Someone remove the knife from my heart please.  School, specifically peer pressure, is RUINING my healthy eater!

Ok, this is where Moms get smart.  I’ve done this before: it’s time to break out the healthy alternatives to conventional “snack” foods.  I head over to Sevananda Natural Foods Market (you probably have a similar co-op in your neck of the woods) and I stock up on stuff like YummyEarth Organic Vitamin C Lollipops, Gummy Bears and Sour Gummy Worms; and Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies, Gummy Bunnies, Bunny Grahams and Organic Orchard Fruit Bites.  I also get the fruit leathers and rolls by the Stretch Island Fruit Co and a variety of Kashi chewy granola bars.  Add to that a few flavored apple sauces and some Veggie Straws and Pirate Booty and I feel like I can now do battle against the conventional snack companies like Frito Lay, Betty Crocker and all those folks.

Now, don’t get me wrong, NONE OF THIS STUFF REPLACES REAL FOOD.  But if I have to put in some “snacks” that can hold their own against Cheetoes, Fruit by the Foot, and Gummy Worms then I may as well get the “cleanest” version of junk food I can find.  I still pack a healthy lunch w/ all foods I think he “should” eat, but I want him to feel comfortable amongst his peers and not feel like he’s missing out on snack time b/c I didn’t pack Doritoes and a Coke.

Sure he can have a soda, but I feel better giving him something all-natural w/ real sugar like Hansen’s or Reed’s or Boylan’s and he loves that stuff. And of course he can have chips, but I’d prefer to give him chips by Kettle or Terra or Boulder Canyon brands.  I even make sure the juice boxes are 100% juice and aim for the lowest sugar content as possible b/c some have 30 grams for 6 oz. box and that’s CRAZY high. Especially for the kidlet who only weighs about 45 lbs and that’s soaking wet w/ his shoes on. In fact, Apple & Eve’s Fruitables contain fruit and veggie juices and claim to have 1/3 the sugar of “regular” brands. Or Hansen’s Natural Juice Slam which provides 17 vitamins and minerals in 100% juice blends.

Ok my point in including all of these links is so that you can find “healthier” or “natural” alternatives to the 100% crap snacks that are heavily marketed toward children. Remember these are snacks and treats, and a lunch made of organic puffed rice flour and fruit leathers is NOT a nutritious lunch just because it’s labeled “organic” or “natural.”  But hopefully you can Combat the Crap as the Snack Battle Begins.

Remember: Eat Real Food.

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