Client Responses

Chef Asata is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and coach who really understands the importance of eating healthily and enjoying delicious, good quality food with family or friends.  She is entertaining, engaging and has received rave reviews from faculty, students and alumni at Emory for her fantastic presentations.
Julie Shaffer, Emory University Food Service Administration


Eating a more healthy diet is a growing movement.   Many consumers are reading labels and avoiding foods that contain chemicals, trans fats, and sugar.  As parents start to make changes in what their families eat, many find it challenging to manage busy schedules, limited budgets, and picky eaters.  During our Healthy Eating workshop the Oakhurst Community Garden Project brought Decatur families together to learn how to decrease the waistline and increase good health.  One of our guest presesters was Asata Reid –Life Chef.  Her presentation covered the basics of Nutrition 101.  Asata addressed some of the challenges to eating healthy and gave creative solutions families can put into practice at home to get everyone more excited about eating healthy.  Asata’s message was that it is everyday choices that lead to a lifetime of good health and she encouraged the families to choose to do this together!  We truly appreciated the enthusiasm and knowledge that Asata brought to our community!

Myriam Van Dorp, Oakhurst Community Garden Project

Chef Asata is the best – hands down!  Always informative, entertaining and creative.  Chef not only demonstrates how to make delicious healthy meals and snacks, she goes the extra mile and explains the health benefits of the foods and ingredients she uses.

David B. Jenkins CSCS, Ultimate Fitness Camp


The purpose of this letter is to recommend a phenomenal young lady that I had the pleasure of working with for the past year at the Villages at Carver Family YMCA in Atlanta, GA. Chef Asata served her time as a Life Chef for the members and guest in Atlanta’s Southwest community, doing healthy cooking demos through our relationship with Kaiser Permanente. Chef Asata has a unique approach to cooking and presenting her healthy cooking techniques, that makes the members and guests of the Carver Y feel empowered to eating healthier in a timely fashion. She is extremely astute, well organized, and an excellent planner and executer. These are qualities that helped to make her demos here a success. The qualities that she is endowed with will take her far in life, and make her future endeavors great. We here at the Villages at Carver Family YMCA have truly benefited from services as a Life Chef.


Deon’ta L. Hampton, Senior Program Director, The Villages at Carver Family YMCA

Chef Asata was very instrumental in getting children with weight issues to try new vegetables and styles of cooking.  Her recipes are healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare. In addition, her demonstrations are lively and entertaining.
(PS They should have you on a morning show..)

– Winnie Foley , Renal Dietitian, MS RD LD CDE

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