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Fajita Night

By admin | September 20, 2009

When grilling, you ever notice that once the coals are “just right” you’ve cooked your steak or whathaveyou? Well we’ve remedied this by cooking any and everything that ever had a face when we light the grill, and it will result in some point in Fajita Night, either because of the plethora of fresh meat [...]

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Crispy Seitan with Spicy Dipping Sauce

By admin | March 17, 2009

Photo from Sometimes you just need something battered and fried! This Crispy Seitan hits the spot with a light crust made from whole-grain organic cereal flakes. It’s a surprising and delicious way to add whole grains to your diet (and possibly offset the twinge of guilt for eating fried food). I made these delectable [...]

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Golden Boiled Shrimp

By admin | January 24, 2009

Since I’ve discovered our son can eat shrimp — his dad has a shellfish allergy — I’ve been really excited to share my love of seafood with someone else living under our roof! Even though these shrimp were a bit spicy, our boy enjoyed their flavors and ate as much as I did! Half the [...]

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Chai Tea Steamed Mushrooms

By admin | January 22, 2009

This basic recipe can be greatly expanded upon. If you like the flavor of these mushrooms, you will easily translate this process into a stuffed mushroom dish, or stuffed zucchini, or a flavorful steam-bath for dumplings. The sky is the limit. The warm-spiced essence of Chai tea will permeate whatever you choose to steam. And [...]

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Homemade Falafel

By admin | January 13, 2009

I did take a shortcut: I used canned garbanzo beans (chick peas) instead of cooking dried beans. Just didn’t have that kind of time. However, draining and rinsing canned beans gets rid of a lot of that “muddy” flavor as well has decreases the amount of sodium in the beans. I will call this another [...]

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